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Architectural services in the Inland Northwest and beyond


As a full service architecture and design firm, we pride ourselves on providing clients the highest level of service throughout the entire design process. We recognize that each project and client is unique and we go above and beyond to customize our services to make sure each project is the best it can be. We are committed to delivering a complete project from the initial meeting to the day the owner moves into the space.


Throughout each design phase our practice is based on clear, consistent communication, the highest level of client service and project team collaboration, and a strong initial project concept that holds the project together from start to finish.





Over 2 dozen single family homes including remodels and additions across six states in a variety of architectural styles



1,200+ units of multifamily residential development in the public and private sectors; from small boutique duplexes to large, complex apartment buildings, and remodels to new construction


square feet

Over 250,000 sqft. of commercial development, including offices, restaurants, multi-use, retail, and tenant-finish buildings

Let’s build together – here’s what we offer:


Through initial client consultations, feasibility studies, programming, and more, this first step defines what a project will be. Defining project scope and understanding project challenges early on streamlines the rest of the process and ensures the best possible result for our clients.

Conceptual Design

During this initial design phase, we work closely with the client to develop the initial concept for their project. Developing a strong, clear concept and intent from the onset of the project ensures that the work following stays true to those initial ideas.

Schematic Design

Schematic design builds on the foundation of the initial concepts and begins to turn them into tangible plans and massing. Through rough study drawings and sketches, the layout and form of the project begin to take shape; incorporating and refining information, details, and goals set out in conceptual design.

Design Development

Once basic form and plans are complete, we dive further into the details of a project, clarify the project vision and ensuring that each move we make and each detail we add aligns with the project intent. We work collaboratively with the project team (consultants, owner, contractor, etc.) so that everyone is on the same page and working toward the same goals.

Permitting/Jurisdictional Approvals

We are committed to seeing every project through the necessary approvals required for construction. Based on our findings in the pre-design phase, we customize drawings and drawings packages for submittal to and approval from local jurisdictions.

Construction Documents

The documentation phase memorializes all the work up to this point in a format that the contractor can build from. The complete set of drawings is all the information the contractor will need to make the project a reality.

Construction Administration

During construction we work closely with the contractor to ensure that the project vision, crafted during the design phase, is carried through and realized in the field. This is a critical step to ensure all of the thought and work put into the earlier phases are not lost in translation. We pride ourselves in being available to the contractor and owner to answer questions, coordinate on site, and maintain the project vision.


We expect that each project will require its own unique steps in the design process. We endeavor to be flexible to each situation and to provide our clients with the information needed for the project to be successful.

Sustainable Design

We encourage all our clients to consider responsible resource management and building life cycle when undertaking a construction process of any size. We are well versed in a variety of sustainable building approaches, and we take pride in helping our clients build for budget, performance and longevity.

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